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Since 1992

Jill’s Cuisine has been manufactured by Jill and her husband Robin since 1992 in rural New South Wales.   Early days of manufacture were in our farm kitchen and have grown to a small factory supplying all Coles Supermarkets nationally as well as supplying Wholesalers who service IGA’s etc.    Our high quality ingredients are all grown in Australia apart from a few imported spices.  We have so many wonderful and loyal customers who say that they love the high quality, reasonable price and great taste of Jill’s Cuisine.

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What Our Customers Say

We haven’t turned our taste buds to any other relish ever since finding Jill’s Cuisine Traditional Tomato Relish!   We store 2-3 jars in our pantry at a time so we never run out – good old fashioned tasty tomato relish.   Thank you.

Roxanne, Rhodes, N.S.W.


Jill’s Cuisine started in 1992 as a farm kitchen enterprise.   My husband Robin and I grew rice near Tocumwal for 16 years and every year I would make tomato relish with friends using tomatoes and onions grown by nearby farmers.   I made this for family, friends and for our three children’s school fetes etc.   A friend started a coffee shop and I sold the relish in her shop then another friend bought two supermarkets and that  really set the wheels in motion – when the relish became very popular.   In those days there really was not a good old-fashioned tomato relish on the shelf and so I thought maybe I could fill a niche in the market.   The business grew to supplying 38 shops – being Supermarkets, Delis and cafes.   


It was whilst promoting the Relish at a Deli. outside  Coles in Albury, NSW -  that a man came to my little tasting table, sampled the relish and told me that I should be supplying Coles like he did with his own product.   I went home and phoned Coles, where I got onto a Buyer who listened with interest and invited me to visit him.   The buyer liked what he tasted and asked how many Coles I would like to supply.   I replied “Albury”  whereupon the Buyer suggested that I supply nine Coles Supermarkets in the Albury area.  I ran table tastings at these stores, going out of my way to meet Managers and Staff.   After six months things were going really well and so I wrote a letter of thanks to the CEO of Coles.   I think it was rather a surprise to hear such positive comments from me that I received a reply and parts of my letter were put into the staff newsletter and put on notice boards.   My husband Robin gradually became more and more involved in the business and we became a husband and wife team working hard to make a great tasting, reasonably priced, high quality tomato relish.   Coles have always been extremely helpful and supportive over the last 26 years.   A highlight of our years of supplying Coles came when we were a winner at the Inaugural Supplier Forum held at the Exhibition Centre in Melbourne.    Now we supply 850 Coles Supermarkets through the Coles Distribution Centres.  


We moved to Jindera  in 1994 – near Albury NSW and built a small factory in our large garden.   With the help of two very efficient assistants we produce many pallet loads of relish each year.    


We also supply Wholesalers who look after IGA’s and other independent shops – who all do a wonderful job selling our Relish to happy customers.   They also supply our Chilli Tomato Relish to numerous customers as there was a demand for a hotter product!


The relish is made from locally grown produce and is free from any artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.


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